The Benefits of Data Center Virtualization

The Benefits of Data Center Virtualization

The­re are many fac­tors to take into con­side­ra­ti­on when it comes to the ope­ra­ti­on of data cen­ters. The­re are many fac­tors that affect busi­ness per­for­mance and pro­duc­ti­vi­ty, such as the phy­si­cal infras­truc­tu­re and soft­ware abstrac­tion, hard­ware opti­mizati­on, and more. 

Howe­ver, one way to sim­pli­fy the pro­cess is through vir­tua­lizati­on of data cen­ters. Vir­tua­lizati­on allo­ws IT admi­ni­stra­tors to set up and mana­ge IT resour­ces at any time which would not be pos­si­ble wit­hout tech­no­lo­gy. Auto­ma­ti­on not only speeds pro­ces­ses, but also helps ensu­re that cer­tain offi­ci­al site poli­ci­es are con­sist­ent­ly applied and that the cor­rect con­fi­gu­ra­ti­ons are used. 

Vir­tua­lizati­on is a pro­cess that com­bi­nes ser­vers, sto­rage devices, and net­wor­king equip­ment to crea­te an envi­ron­ment with mul­ti­ple IT func­tions run­ning on a sin­gle com­pu­ter. By doing this you can maxi­mi­ze ser­ver uti­lizati­on and redu­ce the expen­se of hard­ware. The abili­ty to dyna­mical­ly allo­ca­te resour­ces enhan­ces the sca­la­bi­li­ty of your ser­ver sin­ce it eli­mi­na­tes unde­r­uti­li­zed capacity. 

Ano­ther bene­fit of vir­tua­lizati­on is the ease at the abili­ty to launch new IT ser­vices and appli­ca­ti­ons. The pro­cess of deploying a new vir­tu­al machi­ne takes minu­tes, in con­trast to the hours or days requi­red to find and con­fi­gu­re hard­ware. This fle­xi­bi­li­ty lets busi­nesses quick­ly adapt to mar­ket needs and gain an edge over competitors. 

Howe­ver, IT admi­ni­stra­tors should keep in mind that a high­ly vir­tua­li­zed data cen­ter isn’t wit­hout its dan­gers. If IT teams are rela­xed in spin­ning up VMs and allo­wing them to run, it could result in VM pro­li­fe­ra­ti­on. This ove­r­use of hard­ware and resour­ces can cau­se per­for­mance issues cost increa­ses, and a varie­ty of attacks.

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